Friday, December 30, 2005

Field Of Crows - Rockahead review

FISH. Field Of Crows
Chocolate Frog Records CFVP017CD
Field Of Crows is the latest album from Fish and the follow up to the successful Felinni Days album. The album was recorded as ever in Fish's own studio and sees the return of a number of key musicians such as Frank Usher on guitar and Bruce Watson and Mark Brzezicki both of whom were previously in Big Country and of course worked with Fish on his debut solo album Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors.Field Of Crows is sometimes lyrically very dark and personally I feel this album to be one of the best of Fish's solo career. The material ranges from the commercial Zoo Class, which has already proved to be a popular song via it's limited live performances through to the darker, Moving Targets and the quite chilling final track Scattering Crows. I feel that this album could quite easily be as big as Misplaced Childhood and that is no idle boast having lived with this album over a month I can quite honestly say that the album becomes stronger the more times I play it and in terms of a cohesive piece of music. Whilst Field Of Crows may not be a concept album in the accepted sense its themes and consistency of feel gives this album an aura of greatness which I am convinced will make this album a very strong piece of work onstage. With this in mind I would urge anyone to buy this album and also buy tickets to catch this tour as Fish will be touring the Field Of Crows album across Europe during the spring of 2004 and his band will feature the band that recorded the album. It is bound to be an excellent concert experience Field Of Crows is available from For more details on the making of the album go to