Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tony Blair link to Big Country

I was watching the hilarious documentary on Tony Blair's attempt to be a rock star in the early seventies when a face and name from over 20 years filled my screen, Adam Sieff. Adam produced our second demo's at CBS studio in London. I seem to remember a story about him having to have 24 hour security as his father was the president of Marks and Spencers.
Before becoming Head of Jazz at Sony Music UK in 1995, Adam Sieff had already spent two decades on the other side of the music business as musician, producer and CD retailer.
In the early seventies, Adam began his musical career as guitarist in Jaded, a rock band who for a short time were promoted by future prime minister Tony Blair.
During the eighties, Adam produced records and recorded with a wide variety of artists including blues legend Alexis Korner, Italian rock superstar Edoardo Bennato,reggae band Matumbi and rockers Big Country.