Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rockers, You Rock

Good evening and welcome to 'Britains Got Toilets' Try not to slip on that piss on the floor. Rockers is a venue slap bang in the middle of Scotlands musical capital. Think CBGB's then think lower. I nearly never made it onstage as my feet were stuck to the 'dressing room' carpet, and guess what? We loved it. What, a great venue. Thanks to one and all for making the effort to come and support Jamie and myself in Glasgow. Especially Big Kenny from Blairgowrie. Kenny you are the guy that put me of jam for life. I did a bit of berry picking when I was young and the sight of a grown woman relieving herself into a bucket of berries just to make it heavier quite frankly gives me the boak. We both had a great evening and are looking forward to playing there next month with Dave and Miles.