Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Too much to drink please barman 2006

Just thought I would share this picture of 3 amazingly different shaped heids. On the left we have the one and only Tony 'The Bison' Butler ,The greatest rock 'n' roll bassist in the band.
In the middle 'playing the drums as though they weren't on hire purchase, Mark 'The King Of The Soft Shoe Shuffle' Brzezicki.
And signing in for the criminally insane on the right, my goodself Bruce 'Hotlips' Watson.
Picture by Ian ' Show them the door' Grant

Sunday, February 26, 2006

AFGM mini tour

Thanks to all the BC, SM and H2o fans for supporting us at the past 3 gigs, Callander was a roaring success and the School got their white board. Port Patrick was a bit different with us playing in what resembled a fishermen's refuge to a very enthusiastic audience. Ian treated us all to some of his favourite whaling songs but I wont divulge who was caught sucking a fisherman's friend. Tried to get Mick to play some sea shanties on his squeeze box but he politely declined. Hotel was fantastic and there was laughter in the air as the English contingent were introduced to some Chewin' The Fat DVD's. It was great going back to Belfast, a place I always love going to. The Spring And Airbrake is a lovely new club right next door to The Limelight. Much fun was had at the hotel with Jane and Carrie taking on the boys at pool. Highlight of the night was the young lady with the tattooed breasts. From a distance they resembled two lumps of blue veined cheese and Derek renamed her Stilton tits

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stirling Observer article

Here is the article from the Stirling Observer. The concert is a charity affair in a bid to raise cash for Port of Mentieth primary school.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Eggle Guitar Pictures

Here are some shots of my Patrick Eggle guitar. Big thanks to Gordon for taking these pictures

The headstock and bridge was modified by Dave Grant from Strings in Dunfermline

Blast From The Past

Just found this advert from the Dunfermline Press in the attic. It shows what we were all up to back in 1978/79. Ray and myself had to change the name of the band from The Delinquents to The Delinx as no one would book us. Great to see The Damned and Skids up there but I can't remember Cissy Stone. The band we supported wasn't the great guitarist from U2. The Edge was actually John Moss and Lu from The Damned. I actually worked for the Ballroom and was part of the load in/out crew for The Damned and Ruts gig. The Captain was in top form wearing his budgie suit and highlight of the night was Rat doing 'Shakin' All Over' nude on top of PA stack. The guitarist in Activan was called Graham Bell (Bellsy) and he went on to be part of the Sound Control empire, now is part of the Guitar Guitar empire. Great days.